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Are you concerned about falling, and the impact this could have on your bones and body?

As we age, it’s natural that we start to have more concerns about falling. Losing balance and falling in the elderly is common, and 40% of people aged 65 or over fall every year. Of these, 50% sustain injuries from those falls, including 5 to 15% resulting in a serious injury or even hospitalisation. Falls can further lead to the loss of your mobility and independence, create a need for costly long-term care, and increase the rate of chronic disease mortality.


What Causes Losing Balance and Falling in the Elderly

From age-associated impairments to vision, hearing, memory and balance, to reduced strength and problems with gait or mobility restrictions, there are many reasons why the elderly community is more likely to have balance problems.

Medical conditions such as orthostatic pressure, vestibular dysfunction or polypharmacy can also cause dizziness and balance problems.

Fear of falling is itself a cause, acting as a compounding factor.


Falls and Balance Clinic to Prevent Falls

Exercise reduces the risk and rate of falls, as do appropriately designed intervention programmes — both group and individual — from a falls and balance clinic.

Here at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy, we don’t want you to spend your time worrying about balance problems. Our current recommendations are ongoing, twice-weekly, moderate to challenging sessions to build balance and strength.


Clinical Treatment with Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have put together special programmes designed to reduce the risk of falls and to boost your activity levels, so your mind can be at ease while you keep your body fit and healthy.

We’ll start with a one-on-one individual assessment, then recommend a tailored programme, delivered over multiple guided classes per week. Our classes are 45 minutes long with a maximum of four patients. The programme incorporates Tai Chi as well as education to reduce the fear of falling.

If suitable, we may recommend you to our specialist GLA:D Programme for hip or knee osteoarthritis.


From mobility, flexibility and coordination to muscle strength and endurance, contact us on 03 9584 6919 for more information, or go ahead and book your assessment today.

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