Our team at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy is passionate about supporting our returned veterans. We thank you for your service to our fantastic country and are keen to help you with your recovery which is why we offer ’No Gap’ treatment to DVA patients, meaning there is no out of pocket cost on our services.

If you are supported by the DVA whether you need Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Exercise Physiologist or Dietitian support the team at Healthy Bodies have you covered. Our team will provide a thorough assessment and formulate a individualised treatment plan to assist with your condition. We work hard to help you reduced pain, improve mobility and gain control over your injury or condition. 

If you have a DVA Gold card you’re able to attend our clinic for support for any injury/condition at any time. 
If you have a white card you can attend our clinic for support for approved injuries or with a referral from your GP. 

Please contact our friendly reception staff to find out more about how we can support you 9584 6919.