Telehealth Consultations

In order to combat the widespread impact of COVID-19, Australians are being directed to take unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of the community and to reduce its economic impacts. At this time, we are still providing face to face consultations. However, given the circumstances and the potential for advice regarding Physiotherapy services to rapidly change, we are now offering Telehealth consultations. It is a safe alternative to face-to-face consultations and has been demonstrated to be very effective in producing great outcomes for patients.

Telehealth can be used as an option for people who wish to still receive our services but are feeling unwell, are having to self-isolate or just feel more comfortable staying at home given the current circumstances. Telehealth describes the delivery of our usual physiotherapy services via an online, video-based platform that is conducted with your therapist on your computer or smart phone. These appointments will be conducted in a similar fashion to a face-to-face consultation involving comprehensive assessment and formulation an effective and appropriate management plan.

For consultations in the clinic, rest assured that we at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy are strictly complying with expert medical advice and are being even more diligent with our rigorous hygiene practices. This has included patient screening for symptoms, wiping down of all common areas and surfaces such as plinths, door handles and gym equipment for every single patient, as well as a daily thorough clean of the entire facility. Rest assured that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety and to do our bit in managing this pandemic.

Make sure you read the following FAQs on our Telehealth service.

For further questions, please call us on 9584 6919.

How can a physio assess or treat me online?

While it is not possible to perform any hands-on techniques, we can certainly do a lot for you to help you reduce pain and achieve your goals. As mentioned above, recent evidence has demonstrated that Telehealth provides equally good outcomes when compared to a traditional face to face consultations.

At Heathy Bodies Physiotherapy we have conducted online-based consultations for a number of years (there has been a significant increase in frequency) with good results, and all our therapists are trained to provide this service. We are still able to assess you by taking a thorough subjective history and directing you to perform various movements and tests while observing you on video. Like our regular consultations, treatment will be focused on movement and exercise, which has shown to be the most effective at reducing pain and achieving goals in the long term. Additionally, we will still continue to give you strategies to help you control your symptoms at home in the short term with consideration to your injury particularly in the absence of hands-on treatment used in the clinic.

How do I make an appointment?

Book an appointment just like you normally would online by clicking here or call 9584 6919 and specify that you would like to make a Telehealth consultation.

What do I need to do before my Telehealth consultation?

Gain access to a phone, laptop or tablet (preferably with camera) which has internet access. Before your consultation, you will receive an email with a link to click which you then enter into the website to begin your call with your practitioner. Make sure you have reasonable space around you to perform the required movement tests and exercises that your physio directs you to.
Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy prefers to use Cliniko for our Telehealth Consultations but these can be done by different platforms at the patients request.

Can I still attend regular face to face appointments?

Yes! We are still offering face to face consultations at the clinic for the time being. We are strictly complying with the most up to date medical advice and taking absolutely every step possible to ensure your safety.

Depending on expert advice given in the coming weeks regarding COVID-19, this may change. If you would prefer your future visits to be via Telehealth, make sure to ask you physio.

How much is a Telehealth appointment?

Our standard consultation via telehealth is $85. Currently, payment is made by calling our reception on 9584 6919 and providing payment details over the phone. We will soon have an option available for online payment too.

Are my consultations still funded by TAC, WorkCover, DVA etc?

For WorkCover, TAC, EPC, NDIS and private patients, payment is the same as with face-to-face physio. Most private health insurance companies provide rebates for telehealth consultations. DVA do not currently fund Telehealth consultations. However, the Australian Physiotherapy Association is currently working with Medicare regarding funding for DVA Telehealth Appointments.


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