Basic Exercise Prescription Protocols - Part 1

Returned to the gym in time for summer but not sure where to start? Often when initially getting back into the gym, it can be confusing setting up a plan to get into strength training. The following is a basic guide to setting up your gym program to ensure each muscle group is addressed evenly and to minimize the risk of injury or muscular imbalance.

When setting up a strength program, some of the questions you should first ask yourself include;

– What are your goals? This is important as it may dictate your training frequency, exercise selection and load. Training for a sport for example would involve different types of training when compared to improving ones general fitness and strength.

– How often do you want to train? If you are just returning to the gym, it is recommended being more conservative and training less frequently initially. For example starting off 2-3 times a week for a 6 week block and progressing from there. Rapid increases of training load from a period of rest often results in the onset of niggles and new injuries. You’re also more likely to continue exercising by starting with a target which is easier.

A man and a woman shown stretching their arms in healthy bodies physiotherapy's centre
A healthy bodies physiotherapy's therapist massaging and relieving knee pain of a client

Stay tuned for part 2, which will be released next week. Should you have any questions or would like some advise in setting up a program, both physiotherapists at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy are qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches and can assist in designing a gym program.