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The GLA:D Programme is an education and exercise programme, developed by researchers in Denmark, for people with symptoms of osteoarthritis in their hips or knees. Instead of strength training, the programme uses neuromuscular exercises for osteoarthritis pain relief.

If you want to know more about the benefits of the GLA:D Programme for osteoarthritis, read on further.


Why Choose the GLA:D Programme for Osteoarthritis?

With the GLA:D Programme for osteoarthritis, even within a window as short as 6 weeks, you could start to see improvements in the level of osteoarthritis pain relief. This can mean concrete improvements such as reduced use of painkillers, reduced need for absenteeism, and/or being able to enjoy an increased level of physical activity.

On average patients who undergo the GLA:D Programme show reduction in the progress of their symptoms by 32% in 6 weeks.


How the GLA:D Programme Uses Exercise Treatments

When used for osteoarthritis pain relief, exercise needs to be done for long enough and often enough to have a benefit. A 10% reduction in body weight can lead to a 50% reduction in pain from osteoarthritis.

The GLA:D Programme makes use of neuromuscular training and optimised movement patterns, so you can see the benefits in pain relief in much less time than standard muscle building or strength training.


Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy’s Guide to Managing Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis pain relief can be a long path to walk. It will require pain management, including education about pain, which can be psychological as much as it can be caused by structural changes to your joint.

Here at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy, we recommend turning to exercise before surgery, supervised by a professional who understands biomechanics and appropriate load progression. An individualised programme of ongoing exercise, at least twice per week, plus dietary management, can lead to significant gains for osteoarthritis pain relief.


GLA:D Programme for Arthritis with Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy

Some of the physiotherapists in our team at Healthy Bodies have had post-graduate training, and are credited to deliver the GLA:D programme for our patients.

We offer the GLA:D Programme twice-weekly over six weeks.

If you are looking for an osteoarthritis pain relief treatment that doesn’t rely on a knee or hip replacement surgery, get in touch with our team. Or if you’re ready, book your assessment today by calling 03 9584 6919.

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