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Didn’t know that exercise can be used to manage your diabetes?

Despite initial appearances, diabetes and exercise physiology can go together. Research shows that a clinical programme in physical therapy exercises for diabetes can lower your blood glucose and improve your cardiac risk factors.

Living with diabetes is about managing your blood glucose levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight, which is why exercise is so important for diabetes. Exercise physiologists can play an integral role in helping manage and treat diabetes.

The government is now supporting the use of exercise to manage diabetes. Ask us how you might be eligible for up to 14 sessions funded by Medicare to assist in your diabetes management.


Why Choose Physical Therapy Exercises to Manage Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease where your body is unable to properly use insulin, the hormone needed to take glucose sugar out of your blood and into your body’s cells. This leads to abnormally high levels of blood glucose, which can result in serious further complications for your heart, kidneys, lower legs and eyes.

How can you use physical therapy exercises for diabetes? Physical activity and weight loss can be critical for making your body’s cells more sensitive to insulin, meaning they regain their ability to respond to the insulin signal by absorbing glucose out of your blood.


A Tailored Exercise Programme

Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are experts in how the human body moves. When you meet with our team at Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy, the consultation will be used to craft a tailored exercise programme that takes your baseline activity levels, lifestyle and other health concerns into consideration.

Paired with a personalised dietary and weight management plan, your Exercise Physiologist will work with you to get your diabetes under control. More than just a clinician, your Exercise Physiologist is also a coach to make sure you stick with your routine and develop the habits you need to maintain your health long term.


Book Your Clinical Assessment

If you’re suffering from diabetes, turn to an Exercise Physiologist for help. It’s best to book an assessment so our exercise physiologist can tailor the programme to your individual condition. Call us on 03 9584 6919 for more information, or go ahead and book your assessment today.

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