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Exercise physiotherapy (or sports therapy) is an area of physical therapy that deals with the specific physical issues that athletes suffer, including sports injuries, tension and muscle pain. Athletes put their bodies under high levels of stress during training and matches, meaning they are more prone to serious injury than other people.

Sports therapy is used to examine and diagnose injuries, plan treatments and prevention programs, and encourage the body to heal faster. Our physiotherapists who are trained in this area have specific knowledge about the effect of sport on the human body, allowing them to address acute and chronic conditions while preventing future injuries by offering physiotherapy for athletes.

The Benefits of Sports Therapy

Professional and amateur athletes can benefit from sports therapy sessions in a number of ways, including:

  • Building strength in the muscles, bones, ligaments and joints
  • Preventing future injuries
  • Increasing flexibility in the muscles and joints
  • Promoting relaxation and energy recuperation
  • Treating and rehabilitating injuries
  • Treating neurological disorders and multiple sclerosis


Sports injuries differ from everyday injuries because athletes are expected to give high-level performances while placing their bodies under immense stress. Our sports injury clinic is equipped with the knowledge and tools to address persistent overuse injuries, keeping the athlete on the field for longer.

Exercise Physical therapy. Therapist addressing trapezius muscle. Woman patient

Complement Your Treatment with Sports Massage

Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy’s professional sports massage therapist has worked with major teams and sporting organisations, including the Western Bulldogs AFL team. Massage treatments will complement your exercise physiotherapy plan to ensure fast and efficient healing in your muscles, ligaments and joints.

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