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People young and senior in water gymnastics physiotherapy with dumbbells in a hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy had its early days as a treatment for Ancient Egyptian royalty and has been a feature of other Mediterranean and East Asian cultures since then. It’s now used widely in modern clinical practice in Australia to help many people with varied conditions and injuries.


What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that takes place in a swimming pool where the water buoyancy helps to support your weight and grade the intensity of the exercise.

If you have difficulty with land-based exercises or have persistent pain — for example, if you’re recovering from surgery — then hydrotherapy could be the right form of physiotherapy treatment for you. Hydrotherapy exercises are especially well-suited for the elderly, who find they can do so much more in a pool than on land. It also helps to reduce swelling and pressure.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or looking for a supportive way to build strength and confidence, you’ll find that hydrotherapy has you covered.


What’s Available for Hydrotherapy in Melbourne

Looking to dip your toes in the pool and try hydrotherapy in Melbourne? Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy offers convenient hydrotherapy treatments.

The pool we use is close by, only a short drive of 5 minutes from the clinic. It has changing rooms on-site and it’s heated. The pool is a comfortable 32°C so you can relax into your treatment and get the full benefits of having physiotherapy in the water.

We cater to all our patients’ needs, so if you’re in need of disabled access, we have a hoist available for your use.


Tailoring Your Hydrotherapy Exercises to Your Needs

Hydrotherapy is a clinical treatment to address your specific needs. With Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy, you’ll first meet with one of our clinicians for an assessment. From there, your treatment programme will be set up based on your condition. All these steps take place before you begin the actual hydrotherapy exercises. That way, both you and your clinician can be confident that you’re receiving the tailored treatment you need.


Get in touch with Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy on 03 9584 6919 to discover why it is our hydrotherapy Melbourne trusts, or go ahead and book your assessment today.

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